The Organización Nelson Garrido (ONG) is a self-managed cultural space where different artistic activities are combined. Its fundamental axis is photography and for this reason, since 2002 they have been training photographers through workshops, which operate in four annual cycles. At the same time, in their three exhibition rooms they are continuously showing the work of the artists who make or have made part of the space, acting as a sounding board for minorities and making different proposals known.

The ONG has a public library with a wide variety of specialized photography titles, which has made it a very important reference in the area both in the country and in Latin America. It also has an audio recording studio, a silk screen printing workshop, and a photo lab.

It offers its spaces to theater and dance groups, organizes film cycles on its rooftop and, throughout the year, different personalities from the world of the arts give free talks to the general public.

It is the artists who appropriate the space, it is the alliances that are made that shape the dynamism and diversity of La ONG. Behind everything, there is a team of people who make it all happen: the assistants and its director Gala Garrido.

In this space for the reflection of ideas, founded more than a decade ago by Nelson Garrido, the doors are open for all those who have not found their place, and for those who are looking for new languages. La ONG as a project has not stopped since its foundation; it grows and gets stronger as time goes by.


The cockroach is an animal that adjusts to our space. For some it generates repulsion, it always moves underneath. At La ONG, everyone is allowed to enter, something that this peculiar animal has taught us. Besides, it survived the atomic bomb.

Nelson Garrido
Nelson Garrido
Founder and teacher

Born in Caracas the 24th of August 1952. Still alive.



Gala Garrido (1987) is a Venezuelan artist and photographer based in Caracas. Her work inquires the tension between fiction and reality through photographic representation. The central axes of her work are power and eroticism from the feminine perspective. She places the identity from a gendered perspective, incorporating the critical reflection on art history, popular culture, and mass media imagery. The connections between photography, the poetic act, and self-representation explore the body as an individual and collective metaphor.

Garrido has exhibited at the Contemporary Art Museum of Zulia; Mendoza Gallery; El Hatillo Art Center; Panoramic Emerging Art in Venezuela 2000-2012; TAC Gallery; Trasnocho Cultural; MAD Gallery, Los Galpones; UCAB Cultural Center; No Place Contemporary Art (Ecuador); Féroces International Photography Festival (France), Rhizome (Spain), Festival Hybrid (Spain), among others.

Garrido has participated as a speaker in several seminars and congresses. She has given workshops about her personal research, photography, and contemporary art both nationally and internationally. Highlights include the Multinational Workshop (Mexico, 2011), Cisneros Foundation Seminar in the Aula Magna at the Central University of Venezuela (Caracas, 2013), Cultural Space El Palomar (Spain, 2015), Librería La Caníbal (Spain, 2015), among others.


Pedro Tovar
Pedro Tovar
Right hand
Fabiola Calvani
Fabiola Calvani
Blog editorial team
Cheo Mijares
Cheo Mijares
Mafe Izaguirre
Mafe Izaguirre
Cyber godmother
Reynaldo V Rodriguez
Reynaldo V Rodriguez
Equipo Fondo Editorial ONG
Dalia Petrillo
Dalia Petrillo
Life member

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