Sofía Perdomo Sanz

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is an autoethnographic project that, through audiovisual and poetic means, generates an intimate testimony of the migrant experience, as well as an activation of ancestral and family memory as part of a process of searching for identity.

This work seeks to remedy the non-belonging in which we migrants and racialised people often feel we do not belong. By working with the record of my experiences and memories, I address my own uprootedness and explore this recurrent feeling of being “neither from here nor from there”, seeking to reverse it and giving a space to this “non-place”.

Although “Todas Vuelven” is born out of autobiography, it aims to collectivise this personal story and proposes a way of healing through artistic practice, fundamentally through audiovisual and photographic recordings and writing. The narration of my return to Venezuela after 12 years becomes the place from which to reflect on the importance of identity and memory, as well as to pay homage to my family and to the migrant and Afro-descendant peoples who have been weaving their history and culture in diaspora and movement.

This project arises and develops in the context of social networks, specifically on Instagram. I feel that these kinds of exercises are a way of reconverting the use of these digital spaces and making a decolonial practice of art and knowledge, collectivising it and creating it outside of academic institutions to which not all of us have had access.


Sofía Perdomo Sanz was born in the city of Caracas in 1995, at the age of seven she moved with her parents to Madrid (Spain).
This migration process became a fundamental theme in her artistic practice. In 2014 he studied for three years a course in performance and stage creation. In 2017 she creates a performance piece called “NIE (No Identidad Existente)” in which she uses her experience with the Spanish Immigration Law to reflect on the question “How is the identity of someone who does not feel part of a territory constructed?”

After overcoming a process of undocumented status, she manages to return to Venezuela and this event causes the themes of her artistic practice to flow towards ancestral and family memory as a way of connecting and accessing her roots. Identity and its importance is a transversal issue in all her work, which is always based on the different places in which her migrant experience has placed her.


Instagram: @todasvuelven

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