Gabriel Pinto

Previous Next Gabriel Pinto (1998) was born and lives in Caracas, but his connection with his roots takes him to Barlovento, where he finds his vocation as a cultural maker and researcher. He creates from ancestral codes and knowledge that …

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Hermida Herida

Previous Next The collage technique of Hermida Herida (Caracas, 2001) defends the fragmentary nature of reality, with images that explore the emptiness, melancholy and utopianism of Latin American society through scraps of materials. + Instagram: @hermidaherida  7,450 total views,  15 views today

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Sofía Perdomo Sanz

“TODAS VUELVEN” is an autoethnographic project that, through audiovisual and poetic means, generates an intimate testimony of the migrant experience, as well as an activation of ancestral and family memory as part of a process of searching for identity. This …

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Wiki Pirela

Previous Next BioAfro-descendant artist who explores the domestic space and migration through her artistic work. Graduate in Visual Arts (Unearte, Caracas, 2016), she has participated in different exhibitions in Chile, Mexico and Venezuela.She is a member of Comunidad Maña, a …

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Daniel Santolo

Previous Next Daniel Santolo is an interdisciplinary creative who plays and investigates with elements of everyday life that are linked to nature, human beings and Latin culture.            View this post on Instagram       …

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Andrés Pérez

Previous Next Andrés Pérez is a non-binary artist and self-taught photographer. In 2020 they migrated to Bogotá-Colombia and this trip was coincident with the decision to start their photographic career. Their narratives are focused on LGBTIQ+ Venezuelan migration, identity, gender, …

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David Molina-Molina

Previous Next BIO David Molina-Molina, 1990. Mérida, Mérida State, Venezuela. Enrolled in 2010 in the Faculty of Art at the Universidad de los Andes and graduated with a degree in Visual Arts in 2016. Since 2014 he has participated in …

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Elisabetta Balasso

Previous Next Elisabetta Balasso. Rome, Italy, 1965. Lives and works in Caracas. Venezuelan artist, writer and teacher, with a degree in Biology (Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, 1996) and a master’s degree in Cultural Management (Universitat de Barcelona, 2001). She currently teaches …

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Kyril Elneser

Previous Next Born on May 28, 1993 in Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui. Kyril Elneser is dedicated to audiovisual and musical production since 2011. By 2016 he moves to Caracas where he developed his skills in these areas. He studied at …

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