Silvana Trevale

00000 Silvana Trevale is a Venezuelan photographer living in London, after finishing her degree

Lou Chavepayre

00000   23-year-old French-Swedish artist Lou Chavepayre was born with a motor disability. She

Zsuzsi Palman

00000 Zsuzsi Palman is a hungarian visual artist, graduated from the Hungarian University of

Nelson Morales

00000   Nelson Morales. Since 2008, he has dedicated himself completely to photography in

Roberto Rabadán

00000   Roberto Rabadán (b.1988, Mexico City) Mexican photographer, his work deals with the

Paola Idrontino

00000   Paola Idrontino is a costume designer, textile and visual artist currently living

Sunflower / Paul Caponigro

00000 Biblioteca Ricardo Armas en La ONG [Venezuela] Title: SunflowerAuthor: Paul CaponigroEditorial: Filmhaus Inc.,

Cuenca / Francesc Catala-Roca

00000 Biblioteca Ricardo Armas en La ONG [Venezuela] Title: CuencaAuthor: Francesc Catala-RocaEditorial: Morgan &

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